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Takaful Al Shifa health care program

It is a strong cash treatment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, based on the idea of direct cash discount best and lowest prices card (percentages discount of up to 80%) in the medical field for the bodies, companies and individuals in all medical specialties and surgical procedures and tests, radiology, medicine and glasses and many others.

Takaful Al Shifa Company

A professional company engaged in the field of providing medical services and health care bodies and public and private companies, trade unions and cooperative societies, charities and individuals in all segments of the society to ensure and provide an excellent level of services to members of these bodies and their families. 

Medical Services and Full Health Care

  • Our clients Benefits from discount up to 80% on a long list of clinics, health center, normative hospitals, nursing services and opticians in Saudi Arabia.
  • Our customers do not need to submit any papers with Takaful Al Shifa health care card except for personal identification.
  • Card can be used directly.
  • The card is unlimited use without any restrictions.
  • Each membership card include one person.
  • The card activate directly without any waiting period.

Takaful Al Shifa clients

We aspire to reach the largest possible number of people from all over Saudi Arabia to authorize everyone to have access to our network and share with other patients through our Forums Also we will help them find the information they need about the best doctors, hospitals and medical services with the help of Comprehensive Guide Book.

Why Takaful Al Shifa card?

Takaful Al Shifa commit to make immediate and long-term health services available and affordable by providing a discount while maintaining the high quality and help clients meet their needs in the field of health care. Takaful Al Shifa card will form a bridge of care and attention for you and your family. Our customers will benefit from the highest levels of medical services and affordable health care.

Takaful Al Shifa Card for Health Care